वि जनाञ्छ्यावाः शितिपादो अख्यन रथं हिरण्यप्ररौगं वहन्तः |
शश्वद विशः सवितुर दैव्यस्योपस्थे विश्वा भुवनानि तस्थुः || १-०३५-०५

vi janāñchyāvāḥ śitipādo akhyana
rathaṃ hiraṇyapraraugaṃ vahantaḥ |
śaśvada viśaḥ savitura daivyasyopasthe
viśvā bhuvanāni tasthuḥ || 1-035-5 (Ṛg Veda)

Drawing the gold-yoked car, his Bay Horses, white-footed,
have manifested light to all beings born in the material realm;
Held in the lap of Savitar, the divine One,
all beings have their place for ever.

Rtam. Satyam. Bṛhat.

Savitṛ is inspired by the spiritual (adhyatmic), philosophical, literary and aesthetic works based on the clearest illuminations and deepest insights of this land.

The genius of the land of Bhāratavarśa lies in the ability to give rise to (wo)men who attain the highest illumination, generation after generation, and who strive to express it in every single aspect and dimension of life. These expressions are not to be confined to the past, merely to remember and take pride in. As attempts to express the Eternal, they transcend the limitations of time and space, and serve as the guiding lights of humanity’s future. Savitṛ, true to its name, will attempt to bring forth and share the brightest illuminations that have inspired the sacred land of Bhāratavarśa.

In the Indian worldview, all of life was sacred – Iṣa Vāsyam Idam Sarvam. Therefore, every single dimension of life became yagñakarma, a sacred opportunity for individual, familial, social, ecological, national and universal upliftment. This integral vision of life has inspired the extraordinarily diverse and deep knowledge and artistic traditions of India. This illumination expressed itself in the familial, social, political, philosophical, aesthetic and literary spheres of life, giving rise to an intricately woven tapestry that made every single act an opportunity for overall elevation and transcendence.

We, through Savitṛ, seek to capture sparks of this radiance from across the length and breadth of India and the world. The journal seeks to present the Indic worldview in its rigour, depth and vastness – both philosophically, and through the knowledge and performing arts systems that flow from that worldview. We also seek to capture snapshots of the extraordinary diversity of everyday life across India and illumine the sanātana that inspires it.

We need a space for deep, engaging and rigorous work from a Dharmic Civilizational Perspective. Bringing together Dharmic perspectives at one place will be a tremendous aid for those seeking it for a long time. This journal will illumine, inspire, educate and create śraddhā in our knowledge and performing arts traditions. We will rise beyond the everyday social and political squabbles, and create a space for deep thought and reflection on core civilizational, philosophical, literary, and aesthetic concerns.

In Bhārata, Jñāna was not something to be pursued lightly or casually. This journal will embody the rigour and śraddhā of the Bhāratiya Jñāna Parampara in maintaining editorial standards. We would rather publish fewer pieces than let a loose piece pass. We aim to set standards in this space.

We live in a time of global transition, marked by extraordinary social, environmental, political, economic, scientific and technological transformations. At this juncture, Savitṛ seeks to provide fresh approaches to navigate these global challenges and opportunities, based on the timeless insights and illuminations that we are fortunate to inherit as children of a sacred land. We take our stand on this immensely profound vision and way of life to provide space for new literary, philosophical, aesthetic and cultural productions that flow from the Indic spirit. Rooted firmly in the jñāna, vidyā and anubhava of Bhārat, Savitṛ seeks to paint the skies of the future in myriad colours.