We live in a time when India’s star is on the ascendant again. Politically and economically, we are poised to take our rightful place in the new emerging world order. Bharat’s reawakening is happening against the backdrop of crucial global transformations like the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the climate change crisis. These demand that we reshape the way we live, work and organise society. To do this, we need to fundamentally rethink the way we understand ourselves and the world around us.

Many of today’s dominant philosophical, political and cultural paradigms have run their course. They struggle to comprehend these shifts and fail to fully perform the foundational task of meaning making–to make sense of these shifts and provide a vision of life, society and transcendence that inspires us towards a higher individual and collective evolution. In a world overflowing with information, there is a fundamental crisis of meaning and purpose.  What the world needs is a new light, a fresh vision–drishti to see ahead and beyond.

Bharat has the opportunity and the mandate to provide meaningful responses to these central challenges of our time. We can shape this coming epoch globally. What will we act out of? The Republic of India is rather new on the global stage and may not have much to offer that is essentially different from the existing global paradigms. But, Bharat as a civilisation, with its plural and integral vision has rich insights to offer, as it has for times past, and as it will – it should – for the future. 

This confidence emerges from the integrative vision that illumines Bharatiya darshanas; a vision so profoundly expressed in the first verse of the Ishavasya Upanishad: Isha Vasyam Idam Sarvam. As Sri Aurobindo luminously translated: “For habitation by the Lord is all this, everything whatsoever that is a moving thing in her that moves.” This integral unity gives us the vision of rta, a foundational and alive rhythm and harmony to all of existence. This rta, expressed in thought and word is satya; expressed in the world as the foundational order of things is dharma. Direct anubhuti of this enables us to see at once both the underlying rta and the infinite variety of expressions due to desha, kala, paristhiti without conflict. 

All of life then, is sacred; nothing is insignificant or meaningless. Every act becomes a yagnakarma, a sacred opportunity for individual, collective and universal uplift. From this inspired illumination flows everything else – from intricate art forms to literature to magnificent alayas and their intricately carved Vigrahas. We firmly believe that it is on this foundation of inspired illumination, Satyadrishti, that we can gain sustainable and plural solutions to the core questions of our future. This vision, which gave rise to a vast civilisation, can once again give birth to fresh philosophical insights, new systems and plural ways of living for the forthcoming age.

This work requires a Bhagirata Prayatana, to bring forth the life-giving waters of the Jnana Ganga to the thirsting intellectual landscape of the 21st century. We need to do deep, rigorous work from a dharmic perspective. Savitr, true to its name, hopes to embody and offer the radiance of dharmic visions, the knowledge systems that flow from it and the living culture that embodies this.  We seek to offer a space for fresh, creative dharmic expressions for the 21st century. Through this we seek Bhargas, illumination for both Bharat and the world. We make no claims to competence in this endeavour. We are seekers who endeavour to create a platform for deep reflection on core civilisational and global concerns. We seek the blessings of Savitri and the Guru Parampara in guiding this humble endeavour.

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